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Develop capabilities to tackle complex challenges, achieve big ambitions, & take roads less often travelled

“Working with has been a real eye opener in terms of understanding what we truly want to achieve in making changes, and genuinely improving lives. Ioan is a master in getting you to challenge the status quo. We were left with a real energy to do more and take action!" 


~ Angela Crossland. Head of Healthier Lives, Community and Economy – Public Health, North Yorkshire Council


In a world of growing turbulence, highly interconnected issues and complex challenges, it is increasingly difficult to know how best to respond.  In such circumstances, making adjustments or incremental reforms is no longer an option. Instead, a more transformational approach is required.  

Our engaging and tested methods and coaching - led by the internationally leading expert on transformations, Professor Ioan Fazey - will guide you through difficult conversations, complexity, and help you develop the confidence, clarity and capability to deliver ambitious outcomes.

Benefits of our approaches include:

  • Transformational strategies that support system change;

  • Ability to maximise impact of existing activities and avoid wasting effort; 

  • Clear, effective shared visions, ambitions and goals;

  • Clarity about the value and cultural shifts needed to realise your ambitions;

  • Alignment of activities to a changing world and what is now demanded;

  • Enhanced adaptability and agility;

  • Effective and coherent collective action;

  • New capabilities and co-learning for effective leadership and to work with complex challenges;

  • Inspiration and confidence to be audacious and take roads less often travelled. 

Without taking a transformational approach you will risk wasting effort on things that no longer work, falling behind the curve, or being overwhelmed. Instead, get clarity about how to move forward and build capabilities to bring about change that matters to you, your organisation, people and our Planet.

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