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Training courses

Learn to think differently and how your organisation can lead and support transformational change

Bespoke training for groups and organisations

We provide bespoke training programmes - no matter how extensive or small in scale - to help groups and organisations learn how to support transformational change. Our engaging and experientially based courses enable you and your organisation to learn:

  • New approaches that help you develop futures consciousness and how present actions can create different futures.

  • How different patterns of transformations unfold ands why;

  • How transformational intent and ambition can be sustained;

  • The capabilities needed support transformations;

  • How to identify and support high performing staff in a context of transformational change;

  • How leadership teams can organise to bring about transformational change;

  • How to realise transformational change in your organisation when you face major challenges, what you do no longer works. or when you face serious threats and potential collapse.   

Our diverse and internationally renowned expertise and experience in knowing how difficult change can be means that we are well placed to be able help provide you with new insights and develop your transformational capacities.

Get in touch to create a plan together about how you can learn to realise the change you need

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