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Transformations Community

Cohering a new field of transformation scholarship and practice

The academic and practical field focused on learning how we can support big, deep, change and fast across society is rapidly growing. Ioan is a co-founder of the influential conference series and has been instrumental in helping brings together scholars and practitioners interested in learning how to supporting transformations. 


"Professor Ioan Fazey has been an inspiring leader of the "Transformations Community" - a vast international community of researchers and practitioners focusing on socio-ecological transformations. His work has been critical for bringing this diverse community together, creating cohesion and connectivity between the bi-annual Transformations Conferences, and enabling productive spaces for exchanges that wouldn't have occurred elsewhere. He has been a strong advocate for this action-oriented and urgent work, while demonstrating outstanding leadership (both intellectual and practical), strategic insight and a unique skill to drive change through managing and inspiring a complex global network."


~ Veera Mitzner. Associate Director, US Global Hub, Network Lead, Future Earth.


"Ioan’s leadership in the transformations community has been critical to the community’s success in building a new transdisciplinary field. Ioan not only hosted the best conference in the community’s decade-long experience, but also has provided the vision and managerial expertise necessary to sustain the community between the conferences and support the community’s growth through an ever-widening array of projects, publications, and collaborations."


~ Bruce Goldstein. Associate Professor, Environmental Design, University of Colorado Boulder

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