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Transformations Research

Leading research on how to support transformational change

"For many years, Professor Fazey has been at the forefront of research to stimulate societal transformations to a more sustainable future. He has pioneered the use of transdisciplinary methods in academia that enable researchers and stakeholders to co-produce innovations with the potential for transformational change at societal scales, and has facilitated learning about transformation across academic and stakeholder communities working on environmental issues. This work builds on his influential (and highly cited) work on the nature of knowledge and learning, which has significantly shaped my own highly influential work on impact, changing how we view knowledge exchange in the context of the impact agenda in the UK and internationally.”


~ Professor Mark Reed, Director, Thriving Natural Capital Challenge Centre, Scotland’s Rural Collage, Edinburgh



Coming to Our Senses

Research exploring the need, and how to enable, transformational shifts from just 'thinking' to also 'feeling' our way through planetary and organisational crises. How can we bring in our heart as well as our heads as we navigate change? This includes working with the nfluential artist, Christian Houge, to invite others to explore - by engaging with their senses through his transformational art - how to come back to their senses rather than just focusing on traditional forms of 'thinking'. 


Research on how to support transformation at scale - our food systems - to address major health, economic social, and environmental challenges. 

Transforming Knowledge Systems

Research on how we can support transformations in the way we produce and use knowledge to achieve more effective action in the face of rapid change and societal challenges. 

Transforming knowledge systems for life on Earth

Extensive interview with Ioan Fazey on the 'Learning to Fly' Podcast


Concepts & Approaches for Transformations

Research to develop concepts and approaches that support system change and transformation for individuals, groups, organisations and sectors.

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