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Training for Deep Change

Teaching ancient practices for inner transformations

Ioan has, over the last 20 years, worked as a mentor and healer to those seeking to transcend their current relationship to the world around them and to undergo deep, inner transformation. He is a certified shamanic practitioner and teacher, combining this expertise with his background in teaching to create novel expertiential learning environments to support his clients on deep journeys of change. This includes introductory and advanced courses in shamanic practice that help learners engage with radically different ways of knowing and to develop practical wisdom to navigate today's complex challenges. 

"Ioan is the ‘real deal’ - a gifted healer and seer who gets to the heart of the matter.  Ioan facilitates a space of safety, care and professionalism, from which deep healing can take place.  His wealth of expertise allows for a multi-layered approach to the healing services he offers. I highly recommend Ioan’s services, whether it be for insight, guidance or deep transformation."  


~ Lynne

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