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Executive Master Class

Be inspired, develop professionally, and learn to lead and live life differently

A unique transformational training programme

This Master Class programme is for you if you are seeking to undergo deep personal transformation to address issues limiting your success, develop new skills, qualities and leadership capabilities, establish powerful visions and enact your plans to enable you to live your life differently.


If you choose to embark on this transformational path, you will be working with Professor Ioan Fazey on a 1-1 basis, receiving in-depth attention at levels well beyond what is possible in group based training. This will include learning powerful strategic approaches for personal change and to enhance your growth. You will also be taught ancient shamanic techniques and receive healing directly from Ioan Fazey to enable you to undergo deep energetic pattern shifts. This unique programme will give you direct access to Ioan and his expertise as a transformational teacher, facilitator, strategy coach, mentor, academic and shamanic healer.

Seven benefits of the Master Class programme 

Develop transformational thinking & approaches

Learn key concepts & practices to support you personally and professionally


Learn powerful techniques for inner transformation

Receive training in ancient shamanic techniques that you can use for the rest of your life to go inwards to heal and achieve deep transformations for yourself and so you are better able to support others


Develop powerful visions and goals about how to live life differently

Create new visions and goals about how to live life on your own terms


Break patterns and unleash potential

Overcome limits and develop new habits and practices that enable you to realise your dreams, strategically support change, and unlock your hidden gifts and talents. 


Be inspired

Find greater sense of peace, hope, confidence and energy as you work through your own transformation.


Find greater meaning & purpose 

Learn how to walk in the world differently, with conviction, courage and knowing you are following the right path and utilising your unique gifts and talents. 


Develop wisdom based leadership

Learn how to manifest wisdom based leadership so that you can support others on their own journeys of development and transformation.

How does the programme work?

  • The programme is delivered on a 1:1 basis;

  • Sessions are online, allowing you access to your facilitator - Ioan Fazey - from anywhere in the world;

  • Each programme is beskope and co-developed with you to ensure it meets your specific needs;

  • Meetings will be monthly or weekly depending on your requirements;

  • Homework is set between sessions so you can make the best use of your investment with the pace of work you commit to decided by you;

  • You will have access to Ioan Fazey - email and phone - for advice between sessions;

  • You can terminate the programme with one months notice.

  • Most participants find they need to invest in a minimum of 6 months to have significant impact.

  • Pricing: plans start at £500 per month. 

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